Happiness + Mint Chocolate Affogato

We have the utmost blessing today of sharing an incredible post and video by the absolute superhero Cathryn of In Letter Too Large To See.  Cathryn is a videographer as well as a wizard in the kitchen.  We are constantly swooning over her Instagram posts of next level creations.  Enjoy this ridiculously amazing recipe!

There is beauty in the art of wholly living.  Stand up for what you believe in and embrace where you came from.  There is a joy to be found in the gathering around a communal table with loved ones, a nourishment to be had in the act of enjoying a home made meal rooted in tradition. Yes, there are tears, there are trials; and there is heartache and there is bruising. But, there is also chocolate and there is laughter; there is made-from-scratch bread right out of the oven and warm cups of tea. There are books, picnics, and rain falls.

Simply put, there are miracles; miracles found in the small, simple moments of life, the subtle breaths in-between.  We simply need to take the time to look for them.  Because, there is beauty all around us, and we should revel in it, play with it, and soak it in until our core is saturated with it.  And then, let it spill out uncontrollably until those around us get a good swig. Do this for you and do this for them, because you were given life, you were given purpose - you were given beauty. And that, my friend, is worth celebrating.

If you’d like, let’s start celebrating together.  Starting with ice cream. 

Mint Chocolate Chip Chaga Ice Cream 

  • 3 cups Vanilla Tigernut Milk*
  • I cup Cashews (soaked)
  • 2 TB Manuka Honey (adjust to preferred sweetness) 
  • 2 packets Four Sigma Chaga
  • 1/2 tsp. Green Stevia Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Spirulina 
  • 4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil 
  • Pinch Sea Salt 
  • Handful of Cacao Nibs 

Optional: 2 TB colostrum 

Optional: 1 TB Grass-Fed Gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup Boiling Water (used as a thickening agent and to help prevent ice crystals) 

*To make vanilla tigernut milk, blend 1 cup soaked tigernuts with three cups water and 1 tsp. vanilla powder.  Strain and it’s ready!

Reishi Coffee 


Pour all ice cream ingredients except cacao nibs into high-speed blender and puree until smooth. Add cacao nibs and pulse.  Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow manufactures’ directions.  Once done, store in freezer.  Scoop ice cream into cup.  Boil some water, or make coffee, and add one FSF reishi packet.  Pour hot liquid over ice cream and add a drizzle of honey or a touch of other toppings if desired.  Enjoy!  

If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can alternatively freeze blended ingredients right away in a shallow dish.  Stir every twenty minutes or so until ice cream is set.  

And most importantly, share with friends and family; celebrate life together


Four Sigma Foods - Instant Reishi & Chaga 

Mattole Valley Naturals - Colostrum 

Sun Potion - Prash


Becoming Irresistible

We are so thrilled today to be sharing an incredible article from our dear friend, Nicholas Kowalski!  Nick runs an extraordinary website, "Life Rediscovered".  We fell in love with his musings at first read.  Nick's heart of gold & sage words continue to inspire us.  Enjoy this beautiful piece.

The most powerful, prevalent need for the human being is to be accepted and loved. We spend most of our lives trying to fill this need by searching in the external world; getting into a good career, earning a lot of money, finding the perfect lover, and following trends - these are all external ways we seek love and acceptance. Though these things can be perfectly healthy, statistics show that we have been going about them the wrong way...discontentment in careers, and a rise in stress-related diseases is prevalent in our society. Only humans live so removed from their natural rhythms; animals certainly don't live this way, nor buy into its insanity. Aside from statistics of discontentment; we all know this phenomena to be true from experience. The question is why are we doing this to ourselves? What is the motive for us to act so differently than what nature calls for? Could it be that our attempt for love, attention and acceptance have been coming from a dark place? Are we actually seeking understanding and self-acceptance, or running from our own dissatisfaction of ourselves?

Attractiveness isn't something you become; it's something you are.
I would like to hint that our stress-prone human nature is due to the disconnected perception of our connectedness to nature. We simultaneously feel that we are more intelligent than nature, all the while knowing that we don't know what we're doing. This is the duality of the mind; mind vs. heart. We talk about love and compassion, yet take actions in conflict with this intention. A lot of us are obsessed with our looks; confusing crash dieting with healthy nourishment - instead we are over-working and under sleeping. In short, we are stressed. We are stressing ourselves out in a desperate attempt to make others like us. Yet if we truly loved ourselves; why so much stress? What's the need in over-doing it? What are we running from in our attempt to run after something? The truth is, there is nowhere to go. If we want to become attractive, we have to be it. Be, do, have. Most of us are doing and having; yet completely unfulfilled. That's because the secret is in the being. 

Ego vs. Love: Finding Your Center
Somewhere along the line, our egoic minds have convinced us of a pretty demanding set of rules before we are considered attractive and lovable, let alone irresistible. It is the ego's requirements that keep us from being and frantically doing, trying, and failing. You may be familiar with some of these standards of the ego:

Ego's Voice

  • Once I'm healthy I'll be attractive
  • When I get a good job, I'll be good enough
  • If I had enough money I'd start living my dreams
  • Soon as I have my perfect life, then I can love others
  • Only until my life is perfect I will be happy
  • I can't enjoy here, it's not as wonderful as there

Love's Voice

  • I love myself, therefore I choose to nourish my body with healthy foods
  • I have so much to give, my work is a service to people who appreciate it
  • I know nothing is impossible, life supports me and my dreams for a reason
  • I love others because I am the source of love, it overflows from me to others
  • The present moment is a product of my desires. There is so much to love here; there is only love here

When comparing Love's Voice and Ego's Voice side-by-side it's easy to see the right choice; love is always the answer. What makes us so stressed, unattractive and desperately fighting to fit in is that we follow the voice of the ego. We buy into its game because we don't know the truth of ourselves; love. What makes a person irresistible is a quality of love; one which we call charisma. Think of the more attractive people you know - what is common in all of them is their charm. There is "just something about them." The good news is that anyone can become charming, this quality has nothing to do with the ego (looks, status, money) - it has everything to do with love. 

Becoming Irresistible
I have broken up charisma into three sub-qualities; presence, power, and compassion. These three qualities can be learned by anyone. I will first define them for you and then show how you can realize them for yourself.

Charisma is;

Presence- A state of being, where one is free from the burden of distraction; existing totally in the moment. To be totally present always brings love into the room. Think about the times when you make eye contact with a person, and feel you are attentively listened to or heard. These are moments of total presence, and are super attractive! These moments outweigh all qualities of the ego. 

Becoming More Present: Meditation is the best way to be present. This could mean swimming, walking, writing, having deep conversation, working out, doing art or simply being; witnessing. Presence brings peace into life, a quality we lack so much that we find it captivating once we experience it. A great way to become present is simply to ask- "Am I present?" If the answer is yes, next ask, "What am I aware of?" If you are with someone, on a date or in a crowd of people; pay attention, are you aware of their body, your heartbeat, their energy, your breath, or any other sensation? Anything that brings awareness back to your awareness will bring you into the moment, making you magnetic. Consciousness always overrides unconsciousness. People want to feel noticed. By noticing yourself first; you will then notice others more deeply than ever.

Power- There are two types of power; agency power and self-power. Agency power requires an agent - such as a large bank account, or important title (president, CEO, manager). Self-power is from the spirit. People with self-power, or what I like to call personal power, feel beneath no one, they are immune to criticism, but are attune to feedback - seeing it as useful. They are fearless. Someone with personal power isn't afraid to take risks, because they believe in themselves. Lincoln and Gandhi, are perfect examples of people with true power. Instead of seeking outside gratification, they had a vision and believed in it. What an incredible act of self-love, to know that you are so filled with all that you need, that you need not take from anyone, not even their advice. Lincoln had a vision that went against the collective belief of an entire nation. Yet he succeeded in his vision, because his acts were of love. Even in his death, he won, because love cannot die. To this day we idolize his courage. This type of success cannot be taken away, because it was borne out of self-power and self-love. You can take away the bank account, the looks, the job or status, yet a man who truly stands for his self-power will remain. Beauty such as this is inward and eternal; never born, never dead. 

Becoming Truly Powerful: Personally, I find exercise and nutrition to be an incredible gateway to realizing your true power. The way that food heals from within, and that exercise builds physical strength from within, demonstrates such a powerful microcosm of self-power. As they say, "true wealth is health." We normally associate material wealth with power and yet, true-wealth is much like true-power; it is a state of consciousness. Wealth is found in the abundance mindset. True wealth is what stays once the physical has left. 

Through eating a healthy diet, we learn that building strength and energy can be as simple as focusing inward. Good food and proper exercise build energy from within, as do sleep and meditation. If you want to develop personal power, I advise starting with a healthy lifestyle. Witness the personal strength and awareness it takes to make the correct food choice. The act of simply choosing a nourishing food over a food that only satisfies taste, requires a type of inner-connection and self-awareness. This builds power. Another way to build personal power is by setting and accomplishing a goal - believing in it just for the sake of accomplishing a worthy goal; not investing in the outcome. When making power-building lifestyle goals - start with something small; wake up 15 minutes early to meditate, drink 1 extra glass of water, or go for a daily walk. In time you will notice an inner harmony that was previously hidden beneath the voice of fear.

Compassion- The purest and highest form of love is compassion, it is completely unconditional love and kindness. In compassion there is so much warm love that it bubbles over onto others, warming them. The reason compassion is so very attractive is because the act of compassion is authentic and pure. In contrast is conditional love, where we are happy when we get something - validation in the forma of a hug, kiss, an "I love you," or another act of kindness which is given to us. Conditional love is born of the ego and does not embody attractiveness. In compassionate love, love is sharing - we are grateful simply that someone has received our love. This is the quality of compassionate figures such as Mother Theresa, most healers, and even musicians. All truly irresistible people live from compassion. Instead of sharing gifts through an eyedropper, attractive people share their gifts, talents, and love like a waterfall - free for anyone to soak in. We usually find the passionate person attractive because they have live energy! The passionate person has love and passion inside of them and is seeking in expressing it in the form of compassion. 

Becoming Compassionate: The best way to compassion is through meditation - finding your center, true-self, or spirit. This is the part of you that is untouched by the past, future, or any outside circumstances. It is a non-judgmental witness, an observer. As you learn to be more present you will see this part of you emerging. A wonderful exercise I do and share to be present is to listen to music. While listening, ask yourself "Who is doing the listening?" So often, we listen, see, touch, feel and taste with a judgmental mind. For instance, instead of truly tasting food, our mind thinks about why it is either delicious or not by adding layers of experiences and emotions onto the experience. The spirit or true-self, however, is emotionless in this sense. Listen, and you will see. A piece of you is just experiencing the food or listening to the music, without judgement. Only by connecting to this part of you, can you become truly compassionate. Because only spirit is free of judgments, only in spirit can you lovingly give to others without feeling empty, because spirit doesn't need to be replenished. The spirit is like an innocent, excited child who is excited about everything in life. The more innocent you become, the more compassionate you become, and like a precious baby who adores all life in awe, you are adored back by life and all that inhabit it. Practice the art of giving without expectation of receiving. Make it an experiment to perform small acts of kindness each day for a week just for the joy of giving. It's one thing to hear about, talk about and read about compassionate giving, yet nothing is truly yours until you experience it.
All the beauty in the world is inside of you, because all that is beautiful is of love, and all that is you; is love.  I hope you find these explanations and exercises useful to you.  May they bring you profound self-love and an irresistible attraction toward your own life, others and the world.


About the Author:

Nicholas Kowalski is a young but highly experienced Healthy Living influence and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Inspired by a health class at the age of 10, he set out on his quest to achieve his unlimited potential through healthy living. He spends his time cultivating his passion for life through diet experimentation, exercise, travel, philosophy, and writing to share what he learns with the world. Currently the owner and writer at Life Rediscovered; an online holistic health blog, perhaps his greatest passion of all is spreading his love for health around the world. When he isn't shirtless in nature, engaged in physical fitness, or holding an audience at a random health food store as he shares his insights, you might catch him channeling his creative energy into music or modeling. Whatever it is that he is doing, he is doing it with full passion, deep love and the intention to share it with the world as a light of health and possibility.

Edited by the irresistable goddess Kaia Harper

Bio Photo by Joem Bayawa Photography


Raw Cookies: Snickerdoodles

Our dear friend, Julia Corbett, has an incredible new book coming out soon!  Today we are sharing a sneak-peek inside "Raw Cookies", which is now available for pre-order. 

For those of you who don't know, Julia Corbett is the creator of Diviana Alchemy and author of "Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas".  She has been one of our biggest visual and culinary inspirations.  She holds the coveted title as one of the top dessert chefs!  If you don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (although this recipe took us only ten minutes to prepare), then you might want to check out her amazing packaged products!  Beyond her awesome products, she is sincerely one of the sweetest (all pun intended) beings! 

Julia has a chapter in her new book called "Raw Butter Cookies", which was the first chapter I gravitated towards when I opened the book!  Noelle & I are absolute butter enthusiasts...and this recipe did not disappoint.  If you'd like more information on the nutrition of butter - we'd love to refer you to our previous guest writer - Dr. Mercola.


  • 5 TB Raw Cold Butter
  • 3/4 cup Coconut Flour
  • 1/4 cup Honey
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Powder
  • 2 TB Lucuma Powder
  • 3 TB Coconut Sugar or Sun-Dried Cane Crystals
  • Pinch of Sea Salt

Cinnamon Sugar

  • 1 TB Coconut Sugar
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon

Cut cold butter into chunks, and add it to a food processor.

Add remaining ingredients to the food processor, and mix by pulsing until a dough forms and all ingredients are incorporated.

For the Cinnamon Sugar, mix together the coconut sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.

Roll the dough into 1 inch balls with your palms.  Dip each ball in the Cinnamon Sugar until the whole ball is covered, and set on a plate or a parchment-paper-lined dish.  Chill for about 1 hour before serving.  Store


Iced Chaga Latte

I'm in love with anything chaga.  Not only is this incredible mushroom antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-candida, anti-cancer, and virtually every other "anti" you can think of (read all about the medicinal properties of this herb here)....but it taste phenomenal.  

Chaga contains vanilloids, which are flavor compounds found in vanilla.  So basically, this herb brewed as a tea just tastes like a mild vanilla tea.  It's pleasantly neutral flavor allows for a multitude of uses.  Today we're doing an iced latte!

I brew my chaga tea using a crockpot.  I fill the crockpot all the way up (about one gallon's worth) with spring water, and then add about a 1/4 C of crushed chaga pieces.  I let this brew for at least six hours for up to two days.  Chaga reduces down beautifully, and will get more viscous (almost like a light syrup) as it boils down.  After the chaga has decocted, let cool down to room temperature and then strain into glass jars.  Do not throw away the chaga that has brewed, instead - make medicine by tincturing it!  Set the chaga tea in the fridge for around two hours to chill.  Now you are ready for lattes! 

Iced Chaga Latte

  • 16oz Chaga Tea, chilled
  • 1/4 C Raw Cream or Coconut Milk
  • 2 dropperfuls Chaga Tincture
  • 5 drops Vanilla Stevia (or more to taste)
  • Pinch Sea Salt

Combine all the ingredients in a blender.  Serve on ice!  If you want more of a coffee flavor, use English Toffee Stevia instead of Vanilla Stevia and add in 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract.  This is also fantastic topped with a dollop of whipped cream...but really - what isn't?


Blue Majik Cake Pops

Today, I have the incredible fortune of collaborating with one of my best friends -- Juliana.  Juliana and I met a couple years ago at Matthew Kenney's Culinary Academy in Santa Monica.  She has been one of my favorite people since our union....she is so compassionate, hilarious, loving, and thoughtful.

Juliana and I serendipitously rendezvoused in Maine a couple weeks ago and decided to culminate some magic utilizing one of our favorite products (and one of the most interesting products on the market right now) - Blue Majik from E3Live.

Blue Majik is an extract of Spirulina.  It is mostly composed of Phycocyanin, the color pigment protein in the algae....thus making this product the most beautiful hue of blue.  You will truly believe in color therapy after opening this bottle of magic!

Enjoy this whimsicle recipe!

Blueberry Cake

  • 3⁄4 C Almonds, soaked
  • 3⁄4 C Oat Flour
  • 1⁄2 Apple, chopped
  • 2 Dates, pitted and chopped
  • 2 TBS Chia Flour
  • 1⁄2 TBS Psyllium Husk Powder 
  • 1⁄4 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 4 tsp Maple Syrup
  • 1⁄2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 1/3 cup Blueberries

Freeze the blueberries on a cookie sheet.  

Grind soaked almonds into course crumbs in a food processor. Add remaining ingredients, except for blueberries, and process until well combined. Remove blueberries from the freezer and fold into batter (this prevents the blueberries from coloring the batter).

Place the batter mixture into the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.  Remove from the fridge and begin to mold small donut-hole shapes.  Spear the donut holes with a popsicle stick.  Lay out your donut holes on a mesh dehydrater sheet and dehydrate for 5 hours.  Transfer your donut holes into the freezer for one hour.  This will allow the icing to adhere to the batter.

Blue Majik Icing

  • 1/2 C Cacao Butter
  • 1/2 C Stone-Ground Cashew Butter
  • 1 tsp Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 tsp Blue Magik
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 2 drops Blueberry Medicine Flower Extract
  • Stevia Extract to Taste

Whisk together all the ingredients in a bowl.  Dip the frozen cake pops into the icing, and then lay them on a cooling-rack atop a cookie sheet.  Place in fridge for icing to firm up.  Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.  Enjoy!